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'68-'78 FULLSIZE: wheelbase is 119.0" on 1968 models; wheelbase is 121.0" on 1969-1978 models
Custom 2-dr post34713605---------
Custom 4-dr post34983628354537003742------
Custom 500 2-dr hardtop--3510--------
Custom 500 2-dr post34603590------42004140-
Custom 500 4-dr post3511364035853705380840594180437742984238-
Custom 500 wagon, 6p39354102404942314314------
Custom 500 wagon, 9p39814152413742814364------
Ranch Wagon, 6p3925408940794222430445294654478747374730-
Ranch Wagon, 9p-----45794687----
Galaxie 500 2-dr fastback353437003610--------
Galaxie 500 2-dr hardtop3540365536113783385240344215----
Galaxie 500 4-dr hardtop3562372536723838391041024157----
Galaxie 500 4-dr post3516369036013782384840864196----
Country Sedan wagon, 6p3944408740894246434945554690----
Country Sedan wagon, 9p4001411241124296439946054722----
XL 2-dr fastback358838053750--------
LTD 2-dr hardtop36793745372739193999405942154359---
LTD 2-dr post--------425741903972
LTD 4-dr hardtop3642384037713976406041234277----
LTD 4-dr post35963745370139814069410742624408430342404032
LTD wagon, 6p-------4803475246354532
LTD wagon, 9p-------4836478046794567
Country Squire wagon, 6p40134202413943063993457947524845480946744576
Country Squire wagon, 9p40594227418543564443462947854878483747184601
LTD Brougham 2-dr hardtop--38553945403140774247----
LTD Brougham 2-dr post-------43914299--
LTD Brougham 4-dr hardtop--40294016409041484310----
LTD Brougham 4-dr post--3829411140954130429244194332--
LTD Landau 2-dr post-------4419434642704029
LTD Landau 4-dr post-------4446439443194081

'67-'79 THUNDERBIRD: wheelbase is 114.7" on '67'-71 2-drs; 117.2" on '67-'71 4-drs; 120.4" on '72-'76; 114.0" on '77-'79
Thunderbird 2-dr hardtop4248436643484354439944204505482548934808---
Thunderbird 2-dr post----------390739073893
Thunderbird Landau 2-dr hardtop42564372436043604370--------
Thunderbird Landau 2-dr post----------410441044284
Thunderbird Landau 4-dr post43484458446044644509--------
Thunderbird Heritage 2-dr post------------4178
Thunderbird Diamond Jubilee 2-dr post-----------4200-
'77-'79 LTD II: wheelbase is 114.0" on 2-drs; 118.0" on 4-drs
LTD II 2-dr post378937733797
LTD II 4-dr post390438723860
LTD II wagon, 2s4404--
LTD II wagon, 3s4421--
LTD II S 2-dr post378937463781
LTD II S 4-dr post389438363844
LTD II S wagon, 2s4393--
LTD II S wagon, 3s4410--
LTD II Brougham 2-dr post389837913815
LTD II Brougham 4-dr post393039013889
LTD II Squire wagon, 2s4430--
LTD II Squire wagon, 3s4447--

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