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'69-'73 FULLSIZE shipping weights in lbs
MODEL/STYLE (years to the right)19691970197119721973
Dodge Polara 2-dr hardtop (122" wheelbase)36463770379538003835
Dodge Polara 4-dr hardtop (122" wheelbase)3731385038753875-
Dodge Polara 4-dr post (122" wheelbase)37013805382038353865
Dodge Polara wagon, 6p (122" wheelbase)41614180-42004420
Dodge Polara wagon, 9p (122" wheelbase)43614235---
Dodge Polara 500 2-dr hardtop (122" wheelbase)3861----
Dodge Polara Special 4-dr post (122" wheebase)-3805---
Dodge Polara Special wagon, 6p (122" wheelbase)-4180---
Dodge Polara Special wagon, 9p (122" wheelbase)-4235---
Dodge Polara Custom 2-dr hardtop (122" wheelbase)-3925380538153835
Dodge Polara Custom 4-dr hardtop (122" wheelbase)-4005387538903905
Dodge Polara Custom 2-dr hardtop (122" wheelbase)-3975383538453870
Dodge Polara Custom wagon, 6p (122" wheelbase)-4320428043204440
Dodge Polara Custom wagon, 9p (122" wheelbase)-4370433543704485
Dodge Polara Brougham 2-dr hardtop (122" wheelbase)--3965--
Dodge Polara Brougham 4-dr hardtop (122" wheelbase)--4035--
Dodge Monaco 2-dr hardtop (122" wheelbase)38113950400039603985
Dodge Monaco 4-dr hardtop (122" wheelbase)38914045408040304060
Dodge Monaco 4-dr post (122" wheelbase)38464010405039804020
Dodge Monaco wagon, 6p (122" wheelbase)43064420452544454470
Dodge Monaco wagon, 9p (122" wheelbase)43614475458544904515

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