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'77-'90 FULLSIZE shipping weights in lbs
MODEL/STYLE (years to the right)19771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990
Chevy Impala V8 cpe (115.9" wheelbase)-36193606-----------
ChevyImpala V8 sdn (115.9" wheelbase)365936383624346834863491359436283634-----
Chevy Impala wgn, 2s (115.9" wheelbase)404240374013389238973930--------
Chevy Impala wgn, 3s (115.9" wheelbase)407240714045392439274050--------
Chevy Impala V8 Custom cpe (115.9" wheelbase)3628-------------
Chevy Impala V8 Sport cpe (115.9" wheelbase)---34523458---------
Chevy Impala V8 Landau cpe (115.9" wheelbase)365336503630-----------
Chevy Caprice V8 sdn (115.9" wheelbase)---------36283603363336933693
Chevy Caprice Classic V8 cpe (115.9" wheelbase)366636563649348434953500--------
Chevy Caprice Classic V8 sdn (115.9" wheelbase)37013686367535223532354036413662367436563620364937093710
Chevy Caprice Classic wgn, 2s (115.9" wheelbase)40884079405639303940---------
Chevy Caprice Classic wgn, 3s (115.9" wheelbase)41184109408839623972401040924053408340954125415841924192
Chevy Caprice Classic V8 Sport cpe (115.9" wheelbase)-------3634365136383605---
Chevy Caprice Classic V8 Landau cpe (115.9" wheelbase)36403633362834653476---------
Chevy Caprice Classic V8 Brougham sdn (115.9" wheelbase)---------36673669370037333734
Chevy Caprice Classic V8 Brougham LS sdn (115.9" wheelbase)---------36883690372137543755

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